Mage Tome

Mage Tome lets you create interactive digital turn-page books for use in your roleplay games that you can share with your players.

Include clues, hints, magic spells, lore or even red herrings. The only limit is your imagination.

Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire: The Masquerade or any other system, Mage Tome lets you add an interactive element to your games.

Works with any virtual tabletop and as it's web-based run on any tablet computer.

Create a book of your own

Over 900 possible combinations of covers, papers and fonts to choose from.


Upload your own images and gain access to subscriber only content.

So what is it?

If you've ever wanted to create a Skyrim like book for your adventures, this is the tools for you.

Mage Tome lets you create digital turn page books. Choose a cover, choose the paper, pick the fonts, add images even add a password. With Mage Tome you can create the book that you story calls for.

What included

Tome name generator: Can’t think of a good name? No problem we got you covered, Mage Tome comes with a built-in tome name generator, don’t like the name it gave you? Click the button and get a new one.

Add a puzzle to the book: The books and tomes can have a lock, at the moment either combination or password.

As many pages as you like: A book or tome can have as many pages as you like.

Images: We've included a few arcane and mystical symbols for you to include in your works.

Animations: We've also included a couple of animations you can use instead of page content.

Over 900 combinations: With so many possibilities (and more to come) you'll never be short of a style that fits your roleplay game.

Wide compatibility: As the platform is web-based it should work with any tablet computer (or even smartphone...we don't recommend it though). Use the system in conjunction with any of the virtual tabletop systems or face to face with a tablet.